In the Mata N'ativa Pousada you will have incredible experiences ranging from sports activities like kayaking along the river, relaxing massages, healthy and homemade food, quiet moments to enjoy nature and your family or companion in one of our charming little corners, beautiful pool to cool off and much more...

The hotel offers to its visitors the opportunity to experience nature at a closer approach, having the chance also to come across with wild animals that visit us daily. With luck, you may be surprised by a sloth or a monkey hanging on the tree-branches or maybe a small fox at the entrance gate. This intense contact with nature combined with the comfort of our facilities, make this experience very unique and enjoyable. Your well deserved holiday!

Our suites are well equipped to offer the necessary comfort for our guests. All suites have DVD, we offer a list of movies available at no-extra cost. The master suites have cable TV and bigger beds. In our reception area, we have a mini-library with books in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English, with various themes to please everyone during rainy days. For the entertainment of your children, we have toys and games.

For those who want to relax, nothing better than a therapeutic massage and then a bath in our hot tub overlooking the river. A unique experience. Ideal for energy renovation and to return to your day-to-day activities with full power!

Our copious breakfast is essential to start your day with energy. It is served a great variety of fruits, breads made at the hotel, such as our kümmel or yams breads, two of the favorites. Our cooks make every day different and delicious little things to contemplate every palate. For fitness guests, we offer tapioca, natural peanut butter, fresh musli, sweet potatoes and other typical specialities of our country and State.

In our restaurant we serve nutritious and natural sandwiches to restore your energy, as well as different pastas, filet mignon, fried fishes, accompanied by different sauces, such as our sweet and spicy chutney. All homemade and made with love by our team.

Swimming pool with also shallow part is also an invitation to enjoy. Adults may stay lying down relaxing and enjoying a delicious icy caipirinha. And for those who look for more adventure, swimming in the river can be a unique experience. If you prefer, you can also go for a kayak trip upstream in the river, unveiling its wild nature. Great moments ahead!!

Our proximity to the “Quadrado” and to the beach is also a plus. It allows those who do not want to drive, a fast-walk, about 200m to downtown through a short-cut path up on the hill and around 400m to the Nativos beach, about five minutes walking distance.

Our team is also a differentiation and they make their best to provide you an unforgettable experience! Friendly and helpful, our staff is always at your disposal to assist you, guests, in giving advices on beaches to explore, restaurants to discover, what to do, where to go, best options for tours, low-costs car rentals and on other requests you may have. It will be a great pleasure to serve you!