Ecology & Charm

Mata N'ativa Pousada was created based on an ecological mindset and we keep constantly adopting measures to improve the relationship with the environment, in an atmosphere rich in detail and charm.

Selo Pousada Ecológica The ecological concept has been always present since the design of our project where we had a primordial concern with the existing nature. As our name indicates, "Mata N'ativa" with apostrophe provides double-meanings, "in active" that stands for in activity; and "native" that stands for original, primary. We have developed our concept within this principle not only to maintain the flora and the existing trees intact, but also to expand our tropical garden with other fruits, flavors and colors. And today, after 13 years, we are proud of our achievements and that can be observed throughtout our already grown and leafy trees that give shelter and food to many native birds and little animals from our area, all in harmony with our buildings and settings. Mission accomplished!

Additionally, we have always had goals to propagate the need of nature appreciation and for that reason we keep sharing to our visitors the importance of nature preservation and our simple gesture and role as an individual, responsible for perpetuating our greatest wealth for future generations. And in the end, each of us doing his/her small task, we together can make difference and change the world. It depends on our attitude!! We do also the triage of our waste with the separation of different itens, such as aluminum cans that have already a pre-determinated destination, also plastics, papers and organic material which is re-used as compostage to be reapplied in the garden itself as natural nutrient.

In line with our aim to minimize our impacts, we have consistently taken significant steps to improve our relationship with the environment and create the best feasible symbiosis. We have opted for solar panels in areas where there were a higher light incidence, we have replaced the traditional air conditioners to split model of lower consumption and noise, also a massive use of LED lamps and strict control of water consumption and sewage. More recently, in 2011, we created the project self-denominated "[cmpPgLnk key="carbon"]Carbon Free[/cmpPgLnk]" which has the core-purpose of drawing attention to the concern and consciousness that we have to have on natural resources by stimulating our guests to planting seedlings. The project aims at neutralizing the CO2 emitted on the way to the hotel by planting native trees in exchange. The hotel provides to its guests free seedlings, upon request. For more details, please contact us. It will be a pleasure to provide you more information about it!